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New Year

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I tend to not make resolutions, as I think self improvement can happen any time of the year. The early winter months can be miserable enough without denying yourself wine/chocolate/general fun. Though I think it’s a good time to try and add more positive changes in your life, to help you get through the dark days until Spring is here. The great thing about having a dog, is that you have no choice but to get out more. There’s nothing better than a chilly, sunny walk :)

Happy New Year!



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This summer has been a super busy one for me and my family. We’ve moved house, and away from where we’ve lived for the last 15 years. It’s been tricky to juggle house move, workshop move, kids starting new schools, so we thought “lets add some more chaos and get a puppy”! So we have a lovely new addition to the family, little Jasper. A handful, but great fun. And lovely to discover all the new countryside walks with him, right on our doorstep.

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Ready for Spring

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One thing that me and my family love, is camping. It's been a great way to get away quickly, and for short breaks. I'm currently feeling like winter has gone on for ever, and can't wait until it's warm enough to camp again.

We've found some fab campsites in the UK. This is one of our favourites, Blackberry Wood in Sussex. It's got some amazing places you can stay in, gypsy caravans, and old air stream, a double decker bus! We've only ever staying in our tent, but I'm dreaming on staying in the luxury treehouse one day.

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Star Editions

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Very exciting news! Our whole range is now also available through the fabulous Star Editions. They have only just launched it in February. It was great to go to Spring Fair and see it all displayed so beautifully on their stand. The popular Alcohol bottle range had a great display on the wall:

We also raced to get our brand new Yippea Card range ready for them, so they could launch that too at the show. They'll also be showing it at Progressive Greetings trade show in May:

We're very excited with our new card range. And it's doing really well for our current stockists, and selling brilliantly online. Look out for new products for the Yippea range, launching later this year :)

A family wedding

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Last September my fabulous sister got married in Spain. This became not just a wedding, but a massive family holiday and gathering!

We all flew out there for a week. All the family got to get together and celebrate this beautiful nuptial in a fantastic villa near Malaga.

It was high up in the mountains, and the roads were pretty terrifying - felt like you could drop down the side of a cliff any minute - but worth it for the fantastic views. I'm one of five, so it's rare for all of us to be together.

We all had such a great time partying (a bit too much!), swimming, eating, chatting. We needed a holiday to recover when we got back! Lets do it all again soon :)


Pulse London

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Back in May I exhibited for the 3rd time in Launchpad at Pulse. This year it was in Olympia, which is a lovely setting (and there's daylight, which most exhibition centres don't have!). Here is what our stand looked like.

Pulse Stand

It was a great show, where I met lots of new contacts, and also lots of new friends in the other exhibitors. I will do a future post on some of the lovely people I met, and the fantastic products they make.


I stayed with my sister on her boat, for the duration of the show, which was amazing. It has the best views of London, and a whole community of fellow boat living folk. Such a great place to live!

Here is a couple of views from the boats.

Tower Bridge
Garden Boat

Printing Tea towels

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Here are a few images of our tea towels being printed (this is our Brighton design). We use a small family run business in Yorkshire. We've been with them pretty much since we started. They're a great company, and have helped with our business so much. Such reliable, lovely people to work with :)


Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital

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In 2014 we had the great honour or working with a fantastic charity, Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital (GOSH). We produced a Busy Being range for them titled "Being at Great Ormond Street". They ran a competition via social media, to ask past patients, staff, and anyone who supported the hospital to come up with words and phrases that they associated with the hospital. One of the biggest words was "Hope" so that is one of the most prominent ones in the design. The hospital owns the rights to Peter Pan, so there is a little Peter Pan in there. It was a brilliant project, and I think you'll agree the finished results are fantastic! You can view and buy the range of products here . The apron is modelled here by the 2014 finalist from The Great British Bake Off!